Is it too late to be making New Year’s resolutions?

I’ve been thinking and eventually compiling resolutions for myself for the first time ever. This year I actually want to participate in this all too annual New Year’s resolution thing because this year I really need to make a change. (I know right, things just got serious)

1. With great changes comes great new blogs. Which is one of my much needed resolutions. Starting one and actually PULLING THROUGH!.(I think I have 2 other blogs that I’ve abandoned and forgotten passwords to. YIKES.)

Spending more time in the mornings on myself. Things are constantly going too fast in the mornings for me. I found that spending an extra few minutes in the morning applying eyeliner or just doing a few squats (a whole workout seems too drastic for me, I’m facing the fact that it’s all about being realistic for now) actually makes my day go smoother for the rest of the day and can trick others into thinking I’m actually a pleasant person before 12am. Here are some reasons and ways to spend your mornings productively.

3. Less working, more socializing. I’m not trying to put myself out of my comfort zone but more trying to get myself out of my room. Doing things with family and close friends more often, you know that kind of thing. I need to find time to switch off and get away from work! (If my boss is reading this, I really actually do like working for you, I swear)

4. Less working, more gaming. Contradicting #3 (I need to create a healthy balance here) I find myself buying a story-based game or something in that line, and then not finishing it. I feel like the worst nerd in the world.

5. Actually making an effort finding someone ‘special’. Bow-chicka-bow-wow. Calling all eligible bachelors.

6. BE LESS SELF-CONSCIOUS. No intro needed there.

7. Thailand. Thailand. Thailand. I’ve made it a resolution to go there on holiday because one of the first places I want to travel to is Thailand. If I don’t make this one of it I’m totally going to keep placing it on the back burner. Now or never.

Well, there it is…P.S this was a slight introduction to the new me. Let’s hope these resolutions don’t change throughout the year.

I hope the resolutions you’ve made last year bettered you as a person or if you’re making ones just like me that you’ll complete it with amazing results!

Please feel free to comment or e-mail me,I LOVE hearing from you guys x

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Nice Tinder-ing you

I’ve recently downloaded Tinder in the hopes of just finding.. like-minded people.. or just.. people (what people say who don’t get out much) Tinder was in the bloom of being ‘a thing’ and was generally a platform for people to match up based on looks,which on its own could be a problem for some.

I found that from the beginning I was matching up with people of all different wavelengths and races and believes and travellers, lovers, friends seekers, and the one or two odd ones. And I was keen on that,being all open-minded about the type of guys I would normally go for (I had a thing for being too picky,so decided to change my approach,high time I did). I had a kick out of the people I met on there. I thought I was going to end up with a bunch of creeps,but I met a few eligible guys that I’d actually consider dating or just plain hang out with.. mostly just hang out with.Which was GREAT TOO.

One thing I could never get the hang of was the seriousness in dating sites so I was glad to see some humor in some of the profiles I came across,I myself tried to keep it simple and humorous  (actually I think I’m funny but I’m not). Sometimes one tends to forget that you’re not necessarily going to find your dream-person on there. You’re not gonna go on more than one date with that person get married and have the average 2.5 kids and live happily ever after. Be realistic,don’t get your hopes up and live in the moment. On the less cynical side there are plenty of fishes that found other fishes in the sea too. So just enjoy it. Sop hating and just enjoy.

Tell me your success stories or experiences on Tinder or any other dating sites/apps for that matter. E-mail me at I’ll possible be writing a follow-up on mine for sure! Happy Tinder-ing guys!